1. Igbayemi Ojo says:

    What is the minimum amount that one can have to be a distributor

  2. Igbayemi, The Forever Living website says that it is completely free to become a distributor. But it also says under the frequently asked questions that there is a $50 minimum product order for all distributors. So it looks like $50 is the minimum to enroll. Hope that answers your question.

  3. in the philippines, the minimum amount is at least 1, 680 pesos,.im one of their distributor,.if u are interested, this is my number – 09324285931..thanx

  4. am a malawian and have just received my distributor number. with the way I have started, the sky is the limit. marketing the products is really enjoyable and a great challege. I love it all and business is bliss.

  5. Hi. Anyone in Africa who is interested in joining Forever Living Business can contact me. Its a good Business where rewards are limitless and allows one to spend more time with his/her loved ones. Its the best decision i ever made in my life. 2782 668 8841 or 2779 388 7171

  6. Anyone from Nigeria that is interested in this wonderful and profitable forever living products business should contact me at

  7. Dear Admin,

    You got it wrong. It is not a minimum enrollment fee but your first order. So that when you start enjoying the few products, you get the hang of the quality and effectiveness of the product/products.

    Once you are happy,content and satisfied with the results you would eventually be self hands on experience trained on what this product can do and how good and wholesome it is

  8. Thanks for the update Prasanth, for some companies you are quite correct, it is not an enrollment fee, but the first product order. However, for other network marketing companies there is no product order at all due to the fact that some sell services, such as Travel packages or Phone and utility services, in which case it is usually a $50-$500 enrollment fee instead of a product order. I was referring to network marketing companies in general, but for Forever Living you can simply substitute the term enrollment fee for initial product order, but we are basically talking about the same thing, which, semantics aside, is how much it costs to get started. But thanks for your comment and clarification. Kevin

  9. i want to know how the credit cases are computed and what is the contribution of each recruit and each product that i buy.

  10. Great question Ewezena, but a little technical and probably beyond the scope of this discussion. I recommend downloading the compensation plan from their site. It should detail this over a few pages.

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