Third-Party Immunocal Review Of The Products, Science, And Business Of Immunotec

Third-Party Immunocal Review Of The Products, Science, And Business Of Immunotec

This Immunocal review will provide all the information you will need to know to make an educated decision about this business opportunity. It will also go over some little-known success tips for those who choose to enroll. There are a host of MLM companies on the market today that sell herbal supplements and various health-related products. However, Immunotec’s edge against the competition is scientifically backed products that are well respected by the medical communities in, both, Canada and the United States. The business opportunity they offer to their 15,000 distributors worldwide is substantial as well.

Immunocal Review of the Company Background:

Immunotec was founded in 1996 based on the careful two-decade medical research conducted by Dr. Gustavo Bounous in Quebec, Canada. Their flagship product is Immunocal, a milk protein based supplement that has been validated by several well-known medical journals and by two decades of groundbreaking scientific research. Since then, the company has created a myriad of products inspired by Immunocal. Their CEO, Robert Henry, has brought overwhelming success to several other MLM companies, like Amway and Avon, with his most recent leadership position as Senior Director at Arbonne International, Inc.  Immunotec has been debt free since its inception in the early 1980’s.

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Immunocal Review of the Products:

The vast majority of the company’s accomplishments can be attributed to its most popular health product, Immunocal, which has gained enough hard won respect from the US medical community that it retains a place in the Physician’s Desk Reference and can be reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid in several states. Its science is backed by extensive medical literature, and the CDC has even expressed interest in the positive effects of Immunocal on patients with HIV and Cystic Fibrosis. Immunotec also offers a myriad of vitamins and supplements, skin treatments, and other health products as well.

Immunocal Review of the Cost to Enroll:

The cost to enroll in Immunotec is on the higher end of MLM enrollment plans at $500 for a Success Pack, and there is a discount on products and various business-building supplies.

Immunocal Review of the Compensation Plan:

Distributors receive a percentage of the retail profit for each customer order and a 20% profit on each distributor they personally enroll into their team. Inventory is not necessary in order to participate as an Immunotec distributor, as customers are encouraged to sign up with “automatic enrollment,” thus ensuring the customer’s and distributor’s monthly supply and income. And, of course, as with all MLM companies, building a large team of distributors can earn you residual income for years to come, and there are many wealth success stories related to this business model.

Immunocal Review of the Marketing Strategy:

The marketing strategy for this company is virtually identical to most other MLM companies. However, its science-based formula does contribute to customer loyalty. Because Immunotec is not as well-known as other MLM companies, it is absolutely vital that a new distributor utilize an Internet marketing system specifically designed for network marketers. Without the right kind of marketing strategy a distributor will often not realize the kind of success that their health-enhancing company could provide. Immunotec is a solid company with respected science behind it. As long as an Immunocal distributor seeks out thrid-party marketing training and systems to back them up, they have the potential for immense success.

Get 10-30 New Leads A Day For Your Immunocal Biz Online For Free

Immunotec Internet Success Plan

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