L’Bel USA Review – What You Need To Know!

L’Bel USA Review – What You Need To Know!

L’Bel USA began their unique approach to women’s skincare and cosmetics over 40 years ago in Latin America. This third-party L’Bel USA review will cover everything you need to know to make an educated decision about the pros and cons of this business opportunity, and also provide some little-known secrets to success for distributors.

L’Bel USA Review of the Company Background:

In 1967, a group of Peruvian woman began a small cosmetics and skincare company that would meet the varying beauty needs of a vast demographic of women. Soon, their company began to filter into other nearby nations, and now they are in the United States and venturing into other countries around the globe. Their aim is offer the highest in quality skincare without the harsh chemicals of so many other brands. They, also, offer a special direct sales opportunity to those women who are interested in selling their favorite brand of skincare from the convenience of their own home.

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L’Bel USA Review of the Products:

The company website offers several categories of product: Skincare, Make-up, Fragrances, Body and Hair, For Men, Promotions, and extensive information about the company history and product ingredients.

L’Bel USA Review of the Cost to Enroll:

The enrollment cost is only $70, which is a very low cost risk for the potential distributor. With enrollment comes – Deep product discounts, some free business materials, a free personalized website, and frequent company mentorship and product information from local leadership. There are regular phone-in, live, and in person meetings, seminars, training sessions, and yearly conferences for continuing education in the skincare and cosmetics industry. Distributors will not lack in product knowledge if they accept all training provided to them. The company does not make readily available whether or not inventory must be purchased or if it can be directly ordered from the company. There is an “Information Request Form” that is provided on the website for those who would like to know more about becoming a distributor.

L’Bel USA Review of the Compensation Plan:

All distributors receive, at least, a 30% on all retail sales, an additional 20% bonus for the high sales, and frequent rewards and incentives for those who reach the absolute highest to attain their sales goals. Recruiting a large team of distributors could lead to very high profits, which is the main reason that people sometimes reach millionaire status in these types of companies, but this will depend on having strong marketing program in place.

L’Bel USA Review of the Marketing Strategy:

The marketing strategy is a word of mouth form that is very common with direct sales companies. This method worked quite well in the years before the Internet and before busy lifestyles became so technology-driven. Once a distributors circle of friends and family have all been reached with their new and exciting product lines, they then have to go on to reaching out to strangers, and this rarely works. In fact, even family and friends will grow weary of every conversation surrounding the new business. This can result in lost sales and offended relationships. It is important, therefore, that a new distributor invest in professional marketing training, such as an independent Internet marketing system developed specifically for the direct sales industry, which can help to guide them in the often-complicated world of direct sales. This will allow distributors to generate as many leads as they desire, at low or no cost, using the Internet.

L’Bel USA Review Summary:

L’Bel USA is a legitimate and successful skincare and cosmetics company. They offer a very competitive commission for their distributors, and a new entrepreneur will do very well with them as long as they utilize professional marketing systems and strategies.

Get 10-30 New Leads A Day For Biz Online For Free - L’Bel USA Review

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