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YTB Travel Review

As with YTB Travel, there are a handful of network marketing companies out there that are tapping into an unlikely booming trillion dollar industry. Continents, countries, and cities had at one time all been very isolated from each other, in terms of culture, accessibility, and economy. But over the last thirty years or so the planet has become one huge interconnected economy. As a result, people travel extensively for business. Furthermore, vacations in far off exotic places around the globe, which had previously been thought of as a fantasy for many people, has become a very practical reality for millions of people around the world. To summarize, there is now a fortune to be made in the travel business.

YTB Travel brings this fortune into a home-based business model for the average person. As a representative you can instantly become a travel agent, with the ability to book airlines, hotels, car rentals, and related services.

Now there is a lot of money in the travel industry, but there is also quite a bit of competition. Most people are aware that the travel agent profession has been, for the most  part, completely eliminated in the airline industry. Furthermore, with online services such as Orbitz and Priceline, which allow individuals to book their own travel packages so inexpensively that there is very little left over in the way of commissions for these companies, it makes you wonder if any of the money from this trillion dollar industry is even accessible.

Nevertheless, YTB Travel agents have boasted discounts sometimes a good 20% below that of these online services. So if this level of discount is accurate, that is a good start towards building wealth, but where will the massive commissions depicted in the YTB Travel compensation plan come from? How do you make the type of wealth that is asserted in the business opportunity presentations?

Get 10-30 New Leads A Day For Your  Biz Online For Free – YTB Travel

YTB Travel Internet Success Plan

As with most network marketing companies, the business model is set up for leveraged residual income, rather than huge retail commissions. This basically means that you will only make a very small profit from your personal sales. Instead, your primary goal is to build a massive team of other representatives, and make profits off of the work of your team.

The compensation plan at YTB Travel is a bit complicated, but if you are reading this review, you probably have already seen the huge income potential with this company, from either another representative, or from a company presentation. So to simplify this plan, the majority of the money will come from recruiting other aspiring home business owners, which can eventually add up to huge monthly checks, rather than focusing a lot on personal sales of travel packages.

So where will the new representative come from? YTB Travel does provide a company replicated website, but they primarily teach a word of mouth form of traditional networking as the means of building your business. This is an ok way to get started, if you have never done any marketing before for your own business. But if you want access to thousands of interested leads for your business, in today’s computer age, the Internet is a veritable goldmine. For information on these strategies, however, you will have to seek training outside of the company itself.

I normally recommend utilizing an Internet marketing system designed specifically for network marketers. If you study some Internet marketing tactics within such a system, and implement some of the strategies, it could quickly put you light years ahead of people who adhere only to word of mouth marketing. There are ways to market your business offline, through advertising mediums, but you will usually need to allocate a budget for this, whereas with the Internet, you can do much of your marketing for free.

YTB Travel has the potential to help you tap into a booming industry, with a work from home business model. And the compensation plan could make the right person very wealthy in a small number of years. But this will all depend on your recruiting skills, not on the company. If you develop your marketing knowledge and utilize effective marketing systems, you could have a good shot at the gold.

Get 10-30 New Leads A Day For Your Biz Online For Free – YTB Travel


YTB Travel Internet Success Plan

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  1. Detlef Klann says:


    Very good description re: YTB and how to make it click for you. I found it very difficult to get folks to part with $500 to sign up and then pay $50/mo for the website and remain happy beyond a year or two. This seems so basic partciularly with the tax advantage you get from a home based business. That said, what would prevent you from finding a service that links you to a travel website other than YTB and doing the same thing without having to pay YTB a bunch of money? The obvious is you lose out on the potential of multi level marketing aspect but I was in it for several years and did not crack the code in generating an income. I did crack the tax code and derive the benefits of a home-based business however. I simply think YTB is a good start to learn the ropes but it can be done without the multi level marketing part and there are plenty of ways to get website redirected to travel site that likely will save you more than YTB. Travel Agent credentials are somewhat valuable however I never got sufficient freebies to justify the cost. I’m certain I’m not the first to come to these revelations. Barring a real or perceived value proposition YTB is a tough sell. I had family members tell me they always checked my website but YTB was not typically the best deal and when it was it wasn’t for package deals. If it’s not the best deal and there is no way to exercise any control over such as a travel agent owner of a YTB franchise then the value proposition and control of destiny are absent attributes necessary to effectively sell the YTB concept.


    Detlef Klann

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Detlef. People who are interested in network marketing and building a home business should definitely shop around a little to find the best company. There are quite a few people who are still passionate about YTB, and I help those people to generate leads and build their business much faster online, rather than simply through the word of mouth approach, which can be struggle for many people. But YTB is not my primary network marketing company. For those who are dissatisfied with their current company, for reasons like the ones you mentioned above, and still looking for the best home business, feel free to contact me, I have some great recommendations.
    Kevin Thomas

  3. Quinton Wright says:

    Mr. Thomas, I am currently researching and accruing much interest in building home business. YTB has my attention because of my very passionate friend. Please forward me an email with your results of what you have found to be most successful home businesses.


  4. Quinton, requested info is on the way. Kevin

  5. Mr. Kevin Thomas
    I am interested to find out some of your recommendations for home based businesses.

  6. Great Cris, I usually give that type of advice over the phone only. This is because I really need to understand enough about your background to know which business opportunity would work the best for you, and make you money the quickest. I have evaluated over one hundred of the most well known biz-ops out there, and I have found that when it comes to home based businesses there is never a “one size fits all.” But I can recommend the best one for your situation, abilities, and interests. My phone number is on the contact page, and I will e-mail this to you to make sure you received it.

  7. Hello, I am interested in figuring out whats the best home based business for me right and I would like your help in doing so. I am doing Pure Romance and I am loving it but I want something I can do from home as well.

  8. Yes India, I would be glad to offer some advice, please contact me by e-mail or phone directly (see contact page). Kevin

  9. Carlos mason says:

    I am sitting in a YTB conference right now and still have not been 100% convinced to buy in. Can you email me some pros and cons of this particular company?

  10. i would like some ideas for home based businesses. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

  11. Hi Kevin and thank you for offering real & practical info toward a “best fit” opportunity. I’m vetting YTB to make a decision to start up by weeks end, & ask for your insights & even other options for a home based business that fits my situation & goals. May I contact you further right away? Thanks. Kevin.

  12. ytb is the best business ever! I’ve received bonus checks! I follow up & follow up all with a smile! “Get Paid 2 Travel!” You gotta Love it!

  13. Thanks Carlos, I just sent you an e-mail. It is best to give me a call. Kevin

  14. CC, just sent you an e-mail. Give me a call when you get it. Kevin

  15. Thanks, Tracey, sent you an e-mail. Please give me a call when you get it. Kevin

  16. Hello I was reading your passage which was very informative, and just wonder if you might help me.
    I have events coming up next year and decided to take a diffrent approch in my booking system. YTB interested me very much but I was wondering. I dont have much of an interest in aquiring new agents as I do making commission off the numbers of trips i book for my events. Question is, is the commission I receive from YTB the same commission I could possibly be getting from Hotel with my own site ?

  17. Comparisons like this will continually be changing as different travel and vacation companies have new promotions. People join companies such as YTB primarily to build a business that will make residual income for years to come, not so much for the personal discounts on a small number of services.

  18. Hi I am thinking about signing up. Can you send me some information that my be useful in my decision.

    Many Thanks

  19. Hey there, You have done an excellent job. I will certainly digg it and in my opinion suggest to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this web site.

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